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Reliance Money Review : Brokerage Charges, Trading Platforms, IPO and Bonds


Reliance Money is also known as Reliance Smart Money, is full stock service broker, is trading arm of Reliance Capital.

It was founded in 2005, it was known as Reliance Securities at that time. The company has a client base of 8 lakh in over 1700 cities across the nation.

Reliance Money has developed a knowledge repository for beginner traders on its website. Reliance Money is the largest retail broking house in India.

Reliance Money is a full service broker and with its membership with BSE and NSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX, NMCE allows its clients to trade across the following segments :

  • Equity
  • Derivative Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • IPO
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds
  • Commodity Trading
  • Corporate Fixed Deposits

It is one of the popular trading platform, diversified margin and payment option for t+5 day.

Following are the major points that gives a trader to trade with Reliance Money :

With the inauguration of its new, consolidated platform Reliance Smart Money, it has put important aspects in one place. Easy navigation for clients to find anything related at any time.

Reliance Money offers the best and hassle-free trading option to its clients giving them access to trade in almost every other platform like equity, derivative, forex, MF etc. This

Benefits the client and enhances the activity of account maintenance of traders

  • It provides great customer services.
  • It has a diversified brokerage plans.
  • It has diverse and advanced trading platform that simplify the process of trade.

Reliance Money

Reliance Money Trading Platform

There is ample trading software provided by Reliance Money across devices, be it mobile app, terminal software or web based applications.

At the same-time, quality wise, there are a few aspects that can be improved in each of these trading platforms.

Reliance Securities Tick

Tick is a trading platform based on big data analytics, it provides robotic insights to the clients.

Tick provides real-time recommendations to clients based on their personal portfolio so that there is minimum wastage for order placement.

Some of the features of the platform are :

  • Multiple model screeners with derivative strategies, options strategies and recommendations etc.
  • Information on put call ratio, market sentiment, rollover costs, heat maps and more.
  • Technical alerts and signals on a real-time basis.
  • Watchlists across multiple asset classes on the same screen.

Reliance Securities Tick Pro

Tick Pro is an advanced mobile trading app from Reliance Securities for trading specifically in Derivatives. It comes with following features :

  • Market Snapshot
  • Options
  • Interactive charts with technical indicators.

Reliance Commodities

This mobile app from Reliance Securities allows you to trade specifically in the commodities segment. This app allows you to trade along with the following mentioned features :

  • Customisable market watch lists
  • Live streaming of commodity quotes.
  • You can place good till date, good till cancel orders.
  • Real-time charts from MCX and NCDEX.
  • Allow you to view the order status in a real-time.
  • It helps you to convert and square off your open position.

Reliance Securities Insta-Plus

Insta plus is a power-based trading platform where client just needs to enter valid login credentials to start trading. Clients can trade across multiple asset classes with the following features enabled.

  • Market watch
  • Market reports and tips available on the platform
  • Heatmaps
  • Trend matrix

Trading platform is not mobile responsive and thus is not developed for mobile trading.

Reliance Securities – Rmobile Express

Rmobile Express is a mobile trading application for trading across multiple asset classes including equity, derivative and currency etc. The mobile app allows clients to :

  • View Intraday Charts
  • Trade Directly across NSE and BSE.
  • Check order status with information on net positions and holdings.


Reliance Money Demat Account

The Reliance Free Demat Account is one that provides a safe, secure, and online way to keep track of the investment. It holds your account in an electronic form and allows you to invest stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and ETFs.

To Open a Demat Account with Reliance securities you can apply for it online.

Login to the website of Reliance Money and follow the steps below:

  • Choosing an intermediary
  • Filling up the form
  • Submitting Document (Pan Card, Passport Size Photograph, Address Proof, Cancelled Cheque)
  • In-person Verification


Reliance Money gives you many reasons to open a Demat Account with it :

  • Offer many benefits.
  • Free Account Opening.
  • Powerful Platform
  • Good Customer Support


Reliance Money Customer Care

The full-service stockbroker offers multiple communication channels such as:

  • Phone
  • Office Locations
  • Web Assitance
  • Web chat

With limited communication channels, the full service stockbroker tries to provide reasonable customer service to its clients. The turnaround time for different kinds of tasks is also :

Demat Account re-activation – 1 Business day

Fund transfers – 2 business days

Account related information – 2 business days

Account updations – 3 business days

Reliance money customer care number

If a trader wants to reach the reliance money customer care then you can opt for any of the methods mentioned above.

To make call, contact them at 022 39896789 or email at .Call customer support executive from Monday to Saturday between 8 AM to 9 PM.

For NRI customers, holding demat account with the Reliance Money they can raise their queries by contacting the customer care executive at +91 -022- 39886000 or by sending email at

Reliance Money Research Reports

Being a Full-Service stockbroker, Reliance securities provides research at multiple levels to its clients and depending on their preferences, users can pick the recommendations to use for their trades.

  • Investment Summaries
  • Research Reports (Fundamental call, trade edge, model portfolio, option strategy)
  • Pre-market reports
  • Future & Option Calls
  • R-model portfolio

Reliance Smart Money Charges

Reliance Securities Account Opening Charges
Demat Account opening charges Rs. 0
Trading Account opening charges Rs. 950
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges Rs. 400
Trading Account Annual Maintenance Charges Rs. 0


Reliance Securities Brokerage

Equity Delivery 0.5% to 0.08%
Intraday Delivery 0.05% to 0.005%
Equity Futures 0.05% to 0.005%
Equity Options Rs. 100
Currency Futures 0.04%
Currency Options Rs. 40 per lot
Commodity NA


Reliance Securities Transaction Charges

Transaction/Turn over charges
Equity Delivery 0.0035%
Equity Intraday 0.0035%
Equity Futures 0.0033%
Equity Options 0.063%
Currency Futures 0.004%
Currency Options 0.06%
Commodity NA


Other Charges

Enquiry Charges Rs.5 per enquiry
Re-Issue Of Welcome kit Rs.200 (Indian) Rs.1000 (NRI)
Physical Contract Note Rs.40 per contract note
Physical Ledger Rs.40 per statement
Delayed Payment Interest 21%


Reliance Securities Margin

This Stockbroker provides the following margins or leverage to its clients for trading :

Equity Upto 10 times for Intraday, Upto 3 times for delivery
Equity Futures Upto 3 times for Intraday
Equity Options No Leverage
Currency Futures No Leverage
Currency Options No Leverage
Commodities NA


Reliance Money Wealth Management

Reliance Money launched a wealth management service for Indian millionaires with an objective of offering 15% of its revenue from its new business.

The offerings are as follows :

  • Equity-Linked Portfolio Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Art Advisory
  • Real Estate


Reliance Money Advantages and Disadvantages

Disadvantages Advantages
No trading in commodity segment allowed It has a huge presence across the country
Exposure or leverage allowed is low Highly advanced trading platforms
Relatively expensive account opening Aftermarket hours order placement allowed
Customers need to be aware of hidden Charges Quick Customer Service with specified turnaround times


Reliance Money Rating

Parameters Rating
Trading Platforms 7.5/10
Research & Tips 6.5/10
Pricing & Brokerage 5.5/10
Customer Service 7.0/10
Exposure 6.0/10
Overall Rating 6.5/10


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DISCLAIMER: Online Trading Institute is providing courses content and any related materials (including newsletters, blog post, videos, social media and other communications) for educational purposes only. We are not providing legal, accounting, or financial advisory services, and this is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks, options, or other financial instruments or investments.